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Shaina Seidenberg

Shaina Seidenberg

Dance Instructor

Shaina Seidenberg, a BA graduate in Dance from UC Irvine’s Claire Trevor School of the Arts, brings a rich history from the competitive dance circuits of Southern California, augmented by her studies and performances in modern, classical ballet, and jazz. Her educational acumen was highlighted by the production of her choreographically innovative senior thesis show, "Freedom in the Ambiguity."

Shaina's international educational adventures include teaching dance techniques in Beijing, focusing on expressive communication and crafting a nurturing educational environment. With a keen interest in early childhood education, she integrates valuable developmental insights into her teaching methodologies.

Transitioning into the fitness and wellness realm, Shaina, a certified personal trainer, yoga instructor, and nutrition coach, brings a holistic approach to well-being. Her various roles at global corporations, including Google and Salesforce, have enriched her practice, converging her skills and knowledge at The Village Kids' Club.

Shaina seamlessly blends professional expertise, innovative creativity, and an enriched educational background into our community, ensuring a comprehensive and meaningful learning experience for all.

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